Do Windows Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Window treatments can be an exciting way to explore the possible decorative and functional capabilities that your home can have. However, do you know which treatments will work best for what you are looking for? Specifically, in terms of blinds, you will have to make the initial executive decision between vertical or horizontal. Although it may seem like a simple decision, your answer will determine the rest of influencing factors for your window treatment. Both vertical blinds and horizontal blinds provide similar functions and features, but they meet different needs in terms of shape and style. Not sure which type of blind would work best in your home? Let our team of experts at Howard’s Draperies help!

Horizontal blinds are the classic style and provide a significant amount of variety in terms of style, texture, color, and material. All horizontal blinds are either made of wood, faux wood, or metal, all of which meet various needs and home aesthetics. Wood blinds are a timeless addition to any home. Each of the stains add warmth and dimension to your windows, allowing them to complement the inviting nature of your home. There are multiple slat sizes for you to control the amount of light and privacy you want for your space. Wood alternatives provide the same look of traditional wooden blinds, but come at a lower cost and with a modern twist. This form of blinds is known for their longevity because of their lasting finishes that guarantee no fading or chipping. Metal blinds are simple and chic. They are most known for the subtle, decorative touch they add to a space. Metal blinds offer a large number of options for you to customize, from a metallic finish to a matte hue.

Vertical blinds provide a few more functions for you to customize your specific window treatment. This type of blind is better suited for larger window expanses, such as an office or sliding door. Skyline vertical blinds are the best choice for anyone looking to make their space look clean and chic. For this style, the neutral color and bold width of the slats made for a dramatic touch that will enhance your decor. Cadence vertical blinds are softer in their presentation, because their panels overlap and allow for a smooth, elegance touch. Somner blinds are the go-to for anyone looking for maximum customization. This style offers the largest selection of textures, styles, and colors for you to make a statement or choose a window treatment that will fit right in with the rest of your decor. Finally, Vertical Solutions are designed for you if you are looking for an economically savvy window treatment. They are at a good price point and still offer a multitude of options in terms of how you can make them work for your home.

Although both vertical and horizontal blinds offer security, privacy, and control, each of the different window treatments meets the needs of a different consumer. Call us at Howard's Draperies for an in-home consultation to see what type of window treatment you need! We are located in Boulder, Colorado, but serve the surrounding areas of Lafayette, Erie, Longmont, Broomfield, and Arvada.