Operating Motorized Blinds & Shades

In this article, Howard’s Draperies—conveniently based out of Boulder, Colorado—give you some insight into the many easy, simple ways to operate motorized blinds and shades that have been optimized with Hunter Douglas’s revolutionary PowerView? motorization system. We also proudly serve the area surrounding Boulder.

If you are thinking about installing Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® Motorization system in your home, you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the advanced and incredible operations the system has to offer. While traditional window operation methods are straight forward, consisting of a cord or a handle that you merely move when you want to adjust your blinds or shades, the PowerView® Motorization system transforms the operation of your windows treatments. Don’t let this advanced function scare you away! Let the experts at Howard’s Draperies, proudly serving Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont, Broomfield, and Arvada, Colorado, show you how to operate your Hunter Douglas motorized blinds and shades, so you can make the most of this amazing system.

The Pebble™ Remote and Scene Controller

Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® Motorization system gives you the power to control your window treatments with the simple touch of a button. To make this operation system run smoothly, Hunter Douglas has created a remote control that stands up to the advanced function of this operation system. The Pebble™ Remote Control is expertly designed to allow you to have immediate control over the windows in your home. Adjust the motorized blinds and shades throughout your entire room without ever having to leave your seat. The Pebble Scene Controller gives you even more advanced options. This remote gives you everything with the original Pebble, with the addition of the ability to choose different scenes for your room. These scenes are designed by you to incorporate your lighting needs and preferences for certain activities or times of the day. Want to watch a movie? Simply click your movie viewing scene on the Scene Controller and all of the window treatments in the room will adjust to your ideal positions for optimal movie viewing.

The PowerView App

In addition to the Pebbles, the PowerView® Motorization system can also be operated with the PowerView® App. While the Pebble remotes offer incredibly easy and precise control, the PowerView® App takes your window treatment control options to the next level of efficiency, providing you with more efficiency and more options than ever before. The PowerView® App allows you to operate your blinds and shades from anywhere in the world, program a customized schedule of operation for all your window treatments, and provides you with the ability to integrate your window treatments with other smart home systems, so your entire home has a central point of control.

The Hub and Repeater

The PowerView® Hub makes it possible or you to utilize the PowerView® system to its full extent. The Hub, smaller in size than a standard router, connects to your Wi-Fi router and sends a direct signal to the window treatments in your home that use the PowerView® Motorization system. This wireless connection to the PowerView® Hub allows you to operate all your blinds and shades from your App, from any place in the world; a truly universal connection. The Hub also stores user-specific information. This data is used for Scenes and Schedules, so you can still select entire preprogrammed scenes from anywhere in the world and your window treatments will continue operating as if you were home. In addition to direct use through the PowerView® App, the PowerView® Hub can also connect directly to your many smart home systems. To further extend your signal, Repeaters, which plug into a single outlet, should be placed in every room that have window treatments with PowerView® Motorization. These Repeaters allow for every room in your home to have strong connection to the Hub, thus ensuring that you have an automatic and undisrupted connection through the whichever remote system you choose.

If you are ready to update the technology throughout your home with the benefits of Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® Motorization system, contact Howard’s Draperies today!